Inbound Marketing Tools to Help Your Construction Company

March 13, 2023

Marketing begins by creating consumer awareness of your product or service in the mind of an ideal prospect or lead. By doing this, you position your construction company to achieve trust during the online researching phase or buying phase.

However, marketing success depends on the conversion of this lead and others into sales. So, how do you do that? Wouldn’t it be great if you had tools that could help you in attracting more visitors, provide leads and customers for your business, and develop an understanding of your data?

HubSpot provides an integrated inbound marketing software system that uses a variety of tools to do all of this and more. In addition, HubSpot’s marketing automation software is cloud-based allowing you to do business anywhere and at any time. 

Here's why:

HubSpot Uses the Cloud

HubSpot is all-in-one marketing software solution that's accessible via the cloud. The use of both public and private clouds help make it possible for HubSpot to grow an infrastructure that will accommodate growing business needs.

Dashboard & Reporting Software | HubSpot

HubSpot Offers Customer Relationship Management

A CRM is a system that manages a company’s interaction with both current and future customers. Technology is used for organization, automation and synchronization of marketing and sales. With HubSpot CRM, your sales team can organize, track and sell without being faced with confusion or complications.

They will find the HubSpot platform system easy to use because:

  • It takes mere minutes and not months to learn. The HubSpot system adapts to your construction company's process, not the other way around. Their focus will immediately begin with selling and not on having to learn a new tool.
  • Behind the scenes, HubSpot is always available. Logging emails and calls will no longer be necessary for your team. Working in the background, HubSpot CRM will provide these services with the same tools you already use. HubSpot is there if you need them, and out of the way if you don’t.
  • HubSpot is at all times in tune with your sales process. Connected to all those places your sales process takes place, HubSpot CRM will provide services to help with your website, email, phone calls, social media and more.
  • Connecting to Google Apps, Gmail, Apple Mail and Outlook and logging of emails with your contacts automatically are encompassed in HubSpot’s approach to modern marketing. Another modern feature is the availability of CRM anytime and anywhere on HubSpot’s app for Android as well as iOS. 

HubSpot’s Features

HubSpot allows you to monitor all of its features in one simple glance at a dashboard. With this dashboard, you can control your content, marketing performance and channels for your construction company. The communicator of this dashboard can make it possible for you or your team to send emails and calendar invites, place calls and record notes as well. All of this can be done in one place.

Connecting With Your Construction Leads

  • The Drag and Drop Communicator of HubSpot CRM makes it easy for you to communicate with your prospects and leads. Hubspot CRM simplifies working from your inbox, sending emails, placing calls, and scheduling meetings directly from a contact’s record.
  • HubSpot provides an integration of your email. You can send traced emails either from your inbox or from your CRM. Additionally, you can receive notifications instantaneously when your emails are clicked or opened.
  • HubSpot’s phone integration allows you to place calls with one click from your CRM. In addition, you can log all notes and automatically record full details of your phone discussions. This service does require additional cost and the recording of discussions is optional.

Be In Sync with Today's Online Construction Sales Process

The sales process with HubSpot CRM can occur across many marketing channels and thousands of touch points. HubSpot CRM offers you bits of information where and when it is needed.

  • With HubSpot CRM, your website is connected to HubSpot. This allows HubSpot to know when a long lost lead is back and to notify you.
  • Knowledge about a lead company can help make a lead a sale. HubSpot CRM provides valuable details about a company and key employees that can help with the achieving of a sale.
  • Connecting with a prospective customer on social networks can become easy with the social media profile details provided by HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot Alternative: Active Campaign

Active Campaign will accelerate your sales pipeline. Active Campaign has been a leader in CRM and marketing automation for construction companies, for some time, at an affordable price.

So, what can you do with Active Campaign?

  • You can keep a fully stocked pipeline of a continuous flow of high-quality leads with Active Campaign’s lead generation tools.
  • Active Campaign delivers great email marketing by optimizing deliverability rates, targeting your email to an explicit audience leveraging tags, and testing the success of your email content.
  • With Active Campaign marketing and sales data is shared at the contact record-level to accelerate the sales pipeline.
  • You can also track & calculate your ROI in real-time.
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