Technology Onboarding
What is it?

If you've recently upgraded your tech stack but have difficulties consolidating your data or if you need to migrate sensitive files for your ongoing digital transformation project, we're ready to help define your action plan.

In addition to data migration, our technology onboarding process includes keeping all parties involved with digital transformation initiatives, providing education about new technologies or techniques whenever possible and evangelizing digital culture throughout the entire organization.

What we do

CRM's, CDP's, DMP's & DAM's

We'll start with a tech stack audit, documenting requirements for success and identifying strategies that integrate with your business' day-to-day operations. Then we'll work with your internal teams to encourage data sharing and insights.

Employee Onboarding

It's an exciting time to be a new hire. Whether you're working from home or going into the office, having a detailed onboarding experience will set your new hire up for success. Most onboardings will last 1 week but some vary based on company needs.

Data Cleansing

Phone numbers and emails of your customers will change, bot attacks can happen when you least expect it and user behaviors or preferences evolve over time. We keep your data easily accessible, clean, and simple to digest.

Data Migration

For any migration project, keeping data confidential and intact is our #1 priority. Transitioning from one system to another can seem like an unreasonable task. But it doesn't have to be! We follow all CAN-SPAM and GDPR laws.

Tackle the challenges you have ahead
With the power of technology and creativity we believe we can solve any problem.